The three sins of e-commerce

Dear Valued  Partner,
According to the Harvard business review on of the biggest threats to e -commerce in Africa and Kenya is Trust. Customers are very skeptical of placing orders online because of the following fears:(The three sins of e-commerce).
  • The item will never be delivered on time - Delay
  • The items is not genuine or as described - Counterfeit
  • The item will never come - out of stock.


To avoid delays you are required to ship you items within 24hrs to enable us meet the customer promise . Click here for more
Jumia commits to make an attempt  to deliver to the  customer within  24 hrs in Nairobi and 48 hrs outside Nairobi and 72hrs for rural areas (Click link above for more details on the zoning) from the time the order is shipped. 
Advantages of shipping early
  • Higher possibility of your orders being delivered without being cancelled by the customer
  • Better seller score meaning increased conversion rate for your shop -i.e more customer will likely buy from your shop
  • No penalties - You will be charged the amount of your commission for every order shipped after 48 hrs.
  • Jumia rewards you -  As from 1st of January Jumia will reward you 20 shillings for every order shipped within 24hrs if you manage to ship over 100% of your orders received in a week within 24 hrs and a chance to win a trip to Diani. 
Jumia has zero tolerance to counterfeit products - In case you are discovered to be selling counterfeit products, you will be charged a penalty of 25,000 KSH in case you cant prove otherwise. We will be conducting random checks on the website for such.
Out of stock
Waiting for an item that never arrives is the worst customer experience for an online shopper. The number of customers we lose because of this is astronomical. To avoid canceling orders as out of stock - please ensure
  • You update your stocks regularly (drop shipping model)
  • You ship your orders within 24hrs
  • You have the correct product description and correct pricing.


Impact of out of stock.
  • Out of stock impacts, your seller scores heavily - it carters for 50% of your seller score. 
  • Penalties- To maintain our customers we are forced to give vouchers to all customers whose orders are canceled as out of stock. You will be penalized twice your commission for any item that is out of stock with a minimum of 500 shilling for low-value items.
  • Leads to strict order caps and deactivation of your shop.    
Out of stock ( % of orders canceled in a week as out of stock Order limit(Orders allowed per day
Greater than 10% One order per day
Between 5% and 10% Average, you orders ship every day
Between 2.5% and 5 % Average orders you ship every day X 1.5
Less than 2.5%  No Limits

Please note the order limits for new vendors and vendors who haven't come for training still apply