Self Delivery Gudelines

Self delivery is a fulfilment process where Jumia allows vendors to directly deliver orders to customers.

These are usually items that Jumia’s logistics service provider (Jumia Services) is not able to ship due to cost or other challenges.


For a vendor to qualify for self delivery, they must meet the criteria below:


  • Vendor’s seller score must be > 4 in order to qualify for self fulfilment.( New vendors will be admitted based on their commercial potential).

N/B: Due to continuous complaint from customers we will no longer be onboarding vendors who sell furniture and perishables to self delivery. ‘

All Skus on the vendor’s account must be locked to prepaid.

  • Vendors must open new account to only undertake self delivery. This enables us monitor vendors  commercial performance and also deactivate the shipping cost contribution from the account.
  • Vendor’s contacts (phone number and email address) on seller center should be accurate.This enables us reach the easily with regards to after sales issues.

Operation guidelines.

  • Vendors will be managed by Jumia team for the first month after being registered.
  • They will be only allowed to deliver orders within Nairobi region during the first month of self delivery. If the vendor would like to deliver orders outside Nairobi they will have to wait for the probationary period to be complete.
  • For deliveries outside Nairobi the vendor should only use door to door delivery courier, sending items to the courier’s pick up station is not allowed.
  • Vendors must deliver orders within 7 days after they are confirmed. Any orders still shipped after 7 days (from shipping) to be cancelled at the expense of the vendor (vendor will not be paid).
  • Once an order is delivered, the vendor should forward a scanned copy of the vendor’s customer invoice to [email protected]. Failure to do so after the 7 day period will lead to the assumption that the order is not delivered to the customer  hence cancellation.
  • Vendors will be delisted from self delivery in cases of fake delivery claims.
  • Once an order is delivered, we will credit the customer shipping fees to the vendor’s account on a Bi- weekly basis.

Return policies.

  • All of Jumia’s return policies apply on self delivery.
  • The vendors will be informed once the customer has requested for a return and it adheres to our return policy.
  • Vendors are obliged to retrieve items from the customers once the return request is confirmed.
  • For all items that need to be retrieved from the customer the vendor should plan and collect with 48 hours as per our return policy.
  • Vendors should evaluate items they are to retrieve from customers and raise any complaint with regards to the condition of the items. They should send a picture to [email protected] 48 for evaluation. Failure to do this within our return collection SLA will lead to refund of the customer.
  • The customer shall not be charged any fees for retrieval of the items.